Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Couple Photo Albums

Kaleb: Day 445

Kaleb: Day 449

I finally got around to posting another entry with photos. The first is from around the house and then when we went to the beach for the afternoon last week. The other album is from this weekend. We went to Rockport yesterday and then today for my birthday and Mother's day today we pretty much spent most of the day in the area. We started with brunch at my Mom's house and then came back home. Once at home I decided it was time to mow the lawn despite how much I really wanted to take a nap. After the yard work we went exploring in Amesbury near Lake Gardner. There are several trails in the area which I had never been on before so we went for a little hike in the woods. We put Kaleb in the back carrier to see how he handled an hour long walk. He did okay, but was a little irritated by the time we got to the end. After the hike we went up to my dad's house for dinner.

Now we are back home and getting ready for yet another week.


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