Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Due Date Finally Arrives

Today is a pretty important day in Kaleb history, it is his expected due date. I remember back in July after we came back from the honeymoon looking up due date calculators and learning that March 31st would be the big day. Little did we know at the time that February 17th would actually be the big day. Thanks to the marvels of modern medicine I am happy to report that Kaleb is right on schedule for size and length that we expected about now. I estimate that he currently weights almost 6lbs and is about 19 inches long. Given that Jennifer was 5lbs 12oz and I was just over six pounds it seems that he may have been about the same weight at birth.

I suppose in reality today really isn't different than any other day since he was born and his expected date is kind of irrelevant. However, now we can start to use baby books again to compare his progress to other babies. Before today, it was really hard to see what sort of development we could expect from him. Yes he is six weeks old today, but he can't do all of the things a typical six week old can do. Based on what his doctor says we can expect him to track a couple weeks ahead of schedule for most developmental things.

In honor of the special day, I have created two new slideshows for your viewing pleasure. They are a bit different than the daily shows because they are from a longer period of time and include music.

Kaleb's First Three Weeks Video Slideshow
Kaleb's Second Three Weeks Video Slideshow
Kaleb: Day 40

Happy expected birthday Kaleb!!!


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