Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Another Sleepy Day

Kaleb: Day Twenty Four
We have worked on the night time scheduling and it went even better last night with each of us getting in around five hours. We are now pretty confident we can put him in his bassinet and then fall asleep. The problem we keep having is not sleeping during the day. I have been busy with work and we have had some visitors so we have been putting it off. Hopefully I will get some in this evening before Jennifer does her late evening nap. I want to make sure I am rested tomorrow, because I am going in to visit a new customer and give them a demo. It is my first time doing a demo for a customer so I think I am a bit nervous. Thankfully I am so tired it should help numb my nerves.

Kaleb has behaved today, although I did have a tough diaper change a couple hours ago. I took his diaper off and he started whining and then he peed on his outfit. So I took off his wet outfit and held him up (he hates this more than anything) and he started to scream. I put him back down onto his new outfit and he peed on the new one, it was my fault though because I should have put the diaper on first. I then found a pacifier and stuck it in his mouth to calm him and the rest of the change went well. Unfortunately this tuckered him out and he couldn't finish his bottle.

I also can't forget to thank Amy for coming by today and bringing us a super yummy soup and sandwich lunch. I was also lucky enough to unwrap her brand new computer and play with Windows Vista for the first time. I think Vista is just too much, with all the pop ups and prompting for restarting, it just ridiculous. It made me want the new MacBook more than ever, only a few more weeks.

Okay I am tired an I am going to grab a few quick zzzz's.


PS - I uploaded a short video of Kaleb, but it is in a processing state at google video. Eventually it will appear under this link

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