Wednesday, March 1, 2006

I Hate The Networks

As you all know I am a huge television fan and lately I have realized I hate the networks. They are so concerned about having good programming on during sweeps weeks that they make us suffer through countless reruns at all other times of the year. Seriously I haven't seen a new CSI in at least three weeks, all of this and they can't understand why there shows are turning over faster than ever. I realize our culture has the attention span of a 3rd grader with ADD, but there are still some of us out here who appreciate consistency in our programming. When was the last time you were actually hooked in to a tv show and couldn't wait to see the next episode. In my case it would have to be last spring, when I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next on Lost. This year they have had about eight new episodes of Lost, sometimes with up to six weeks between new episodes. If its not one thing its another, we can't run new shows against the MLB playoffs, or between Thanksgiving and New Years (the longest six years ever) or during the Olympics. The best part is now that they are finally running new episodes they have moved them all over the schedule. AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I am still on the fence about the new practice of only doing a show for a half season, but doing it non-stop, a-la Alias or 24. I like seeing them all in a row, but the six months of waiting between seasons is unbearable. Finally have you noticed that the number of commercials continues to creep up. I downloaded an episode of the office that was barely over 20 minutes, that translates to 10 minutes of commercials in a half hour, are you kidding me?

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