Monday, March 13, 2006

All For One Pass Time Again

I received my annual mailing from the American Skiing Company telling me all about why I need to buy a season pass for NEXT winter. That's right I have until May 2nd to buy a season pass for the winter of 2006/2007. Last year was the first year they moved the deadline up from the standard August to May and this year they pushed it ahead another week. The other new things this year are that they are going to make even less passes available in order to "improve the experience of passholders" and the price will go up even more than it did last year after the deadline. So I have decided once again to hold out and not buy the pass until October again and if they run out of passes I guess I won't ski next year. I could understand the earlier deadline last year because the conditions were good and there had been an okay amount of snow, but this year the conditions are just, IMHO, horrible. I mean seriously they are just opening trails for the sake of opening them and not because they are worth opening. 90% of the trails are covered with thick ice sheets, that aren't exactly fun to ski on. The other recent development is the state of the bathroom's up there, I was in the White Cap bathroom and every stall was a mess, I won't go in to detail. Maybe they should take all of this extra capital and do something new with the mountain or keep things clean. Ahhhhh I am so annoyed.

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