Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Tuesday Afternoon

Okay so I wanted to update my LJ, but first I need to apologize for any spelling errors or accidental use of homophones, such as their and there OR threw and through. I rarely if ever read over my entries before hitting the post button, because it is usually early in the morning and I have to get to work. So please forgive me. My mother was very upset and embarrassed when reading my entry from a few days ago. I promise to try and read before dumping things out on to the interweb.

Next up... I am sick and tired of being inundated with free newspapers when I go to work in the morning. The Metro is fine because it is small and you can read it on the train, but for the last couple weeks they have been giving out the Boston Globe too. Now don't get me wrong I am not being ungrateful, but seriously I only have so much time to read the paper every night. I just can't see people reading the Globe on the train because it just involves way too much work. Why couldn't they have done this when I was commuting to Salem? On the bright side I can now finish the crossword without looking at the answers.

Here's a question for you. In the picture below what emotion am I expressing? Please answer so I can prove Jen and her sister wrong. I know it must be a NewYorkTexasOhioCaliforniaConnecticutan thing.

Check out the new poster I made at work for our new PC team work response system. PC Team Poster Aren't I just the most creative creature you ever met.

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