Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Rainy Day

I forgot all about updating this thing and so here you go. It was a very exhausting and busy Labor Day for me. I rollerbladed on Friday night and then dealt with a Red Line shuttle bus. Saturday involved a trip up to the 'Bury to do laundry and see my dad and grandmother. I left there and drove down to Plymouth to hang out with the pond people. It was so nice to be down there for sadly the last weekend of the year. We played wiffle ball in the hall at midnight. I felt like a kid again, just goofing off and making up different games. After a long Sunday in Plymouth I went back to Somerville to see Jen. Monday was super relaxing, we just hung out, walked to Davis Square for a Starbucks, did some shopping and then went to Ben's BBQ. A great way to end a superb weekend. However I am now completely exhausted and really need to get some rest. I have been running every weekday so far in September. Only two months to go until ski season starts. Woohoo!!!

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