Thursday, July 22, 2004

And the Pitch to Millar, is a Swing and a Miss

In true Keegan style, I was glad to hop in front of the spotlights and tv camera last night for the Sam Adams Announcer for an Inning promotion. We were at Grendel's Den for BoCaNO and the owner of the bar asked if we would mind moving because there was a special promotion and they needed our table. We gladly moved to another table and once the Sam Adams rep got there, he gave us all free beers. He also tried to convince us to go in front of the camera and announce for one Kevin Millar at bat from a game in San Francisco. After a little hemming and hawing I decided to do it, besides Kate wanted the free Sam Adams t-shirt. I signed up and sat down for the shoot. I just have to say it was very difficult trying to find things to talk about. It is supposedly only two minutes long, but seemed more like ten minutes. I think I did okay and even made mention of my usual color commentary guy, Mark, being sidelined with a hamstring injury. It was a lot of fun though and thankfully nobody really knew I was doing it so there wasn't a huge audience. There is actually a slim chance that they could play the clip on NESN and even possibly sit in the broadcast booth with Jerry Remy. Haha like thats going to happen. You only live once!!!

I was walking to work today and although I haven't really mentioned this before the whole North Station area is starting to look really nice. Its amazing how different the place looks from just a few months ago. The most interesting thing is the structure they set up in the Fleet Center parking lot. It is basically a two level tent building, with wall to wall carpeting, air conditioning and its own cafeteria. I had never seen anything like it before. One thing I realized while going to the train last night was how many people are going to watch the DNC on TV. I was basically walking next to the set of probably one of the top 10 viewed events of the year. For a TV fan like myself that is pretty impressive.

Oh yeah I was also thinking about how I think Pig is my favorite Dave Matthews Band song, besides I'll Back You Up.

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