Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Full Day of Vacation

We completed the first full day of vacation and so far it has been wonderful. The only bad part so far has been Kaleb's sleeping habits. He was up this morning at 2AM and then 5AM. This isn't really new for him and I think it is related to how damn bright it is at 5AM. We went to the beach today and set up our little tent in the 30MPH wind. Kaleb was really brave and went in the water and even got his hair wet which is a huge leap forward for him.

Jeff and Jennifer are getting dinner ready, tonight dinner consists of Bonanaza Steak tips(don't know what flavor that is, but it looked good in the store.) and Basil, parmesan, sun dried tomato chicken. Tonight I hope to do a little iPhone app development, my goal for the week is to improve the MoonLite app and to get started with a graphical app for the iPad. We'll see how far I get given my current level of exhaustion.

Here are some pictures:
Cape Cod Part One

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