Saturday, January 24, 2009

So Much To Say

I was feeling guilty today for not posting anything about Kaleb and what he has actually been doing behind the photos, so I figured I would take this opportunity to put some information on this here blog.

First of all Kaleb is now talking SO MUCH!! He still has problems pronouncing various sounds, such as the letter "s" and only recently has actually said "Yes", rather than his typically boisterous "Okay". He has become a little repeating machine, just a single time hearing a word and he will immediately repeat it back with relatively accurate pronunciation.

While the talking has been pretty amazing we are mostly impressed, by his memory. Today we were watching TV and President Obama came on and I asked him who it was and he quickly returned, "Obama." We informed him that Obama was now the president and he repeated president. A few hours later in Portland, we again saw a photo of Obama and he pointed and said, "Obama President." Needless to say we were quite shocked. He is currently in love with the song "Yellow Submarine", after it was performed at a holiday performance at Jennifer's school. While in the kitchen the other morning I vaguely hummed about a second of the song and he quickly switched gear from what he was doing and started singing various parts of the verse of the song. He was singing some of the last words on the lines of the verse and even did the "HaHa" part at the end of the second verse before the chorus. I was floored.

Besides that we definitely have some favorite phrases of his including:
"Hold you!" which means "Hold Me!"
"Howdy Ho!"
"Kaleb can do it"
"Bunny Milk" which means chocolate milk the bunny comes from the NesQuik bottle
"Crying" which he says when he would typically be crying. I certainly prefer it to actual crying.
The emphatic "Okay" and "Okey-Dokey"

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