Sunday, November 2, 2008

Living Room Remodel

We finally took the plunge this weekend and painted the living room/dining room. We had a couple goals, first and foremost to make the living room brighter, especially the dining room. We decided on Midday yellow because it was bright, but not too bright. It turns out at night the yellow dims quite a bit. The other goal was to possibly reconfigure to provide Kaleb with a dedicated play space. We ended up accomplishing both goals. Here are the photos:
Living Room Remodel

Kaleb was sick on Saturday and very clingy so Jennifer had to do her part while lugging him around in one way or another. The first layer didn't go very well, but then for round two we used a special edging tool and finished in almost half the time. We were able to finish around 7 last night and then played around with the furniture. Today we got up nice and early and I spent most of the day working on the trim. For some reason the previous painters decided to paint the trim around the windows the same color as the walls, which was a beige color. Now you actually notice that there are windows in the living room. Also by removing the dark table and dark rug from the corner of the room it makes the play room very bright and the white rug helps it out too.

Finally, after finishing all of the trim I wanted to take a photo of it, but couldn't find the camera anywhere. We looked all over the house and I decided to go for my last resort and checked the trash. Sure enough after five minutes of digging around the trash, yep the one with the old paint try, I found the camera covered in yellow paint. Luckily it was all superficial and it works fine. It is hard to say whether it was Kaleb or not, but it seems likely. He denied it and claimed he thought it was in the car though.


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