Sunday, December 16, 2007

White Christmas Guarantee?

Kaleb: Day 298

Kaleb: Day 300

The snowstorms continue to hit us up here in Merrimac. On Thursday we were hammered with a quick daytime storm that dumped about 8 inches on us in a short five hour time span. Luckily I left work around 12:40 and my commute was only an extra ten minutes compared to some people in Boston who sat in traffic for up to six hours. Some students at Jennifer's school didn't get home until 8 pm.

Today we were hit again with another 8 inch storm, but this one dragged out for a much longer period of time and fell short of its true potential when it turned to rain about halfway through the day. I ended up shoveling at the perfect time while the snow was still dry and light.

Besides the snow it was a very busy weekend. Yesterday we went out for a late breakfast at Me and Ollie's and had our photos taken for the locals board. I stayed around and worked while Jennifer and Kaleb went back home to prepare for our holiday party. Once I was home I started making pizza sauce for the pizzas I planned on making at the party. It turned out to be a good idea because the pizza was a big hit. The party was also a hit, we ended up with about 15 people at the house and it went very well. Its always fun when we have a party, because it is such a hodge-podge of our friends. Everybody usually has fun, well at least it seems that way plus they drive all the way up from Boston, we must be doing something right.

Kaleb had a great weekend although he was mostly stuck in the house, which I am sure at this point is getting old. Jennifer and I both recognized how much he has changed over the last couple weeks, not only is he standing up and moving around (not crawling or walking yet) with great ease, but his personality has really come out as of late. He now reacts to more things and is much more animated. He also has been talking a lot more adding several new sounds to his repertoire. He had another first yesterday, the first time he reacted to me taking something away from him. He was chomping on some bread and I grabbed the bread and he immediately started growling at me until I gave him the bread back. Before that he would normally just move on to something else and forget about the bread, but not this time.


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