Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Kaleb: Day 82

Kaleb had another busy day, in the morning he went with Jennifer to pick up Auntie M and they drove up to Salem Willows. Apparently he loved being up there and out in the fresh air. He spent most of the time in a portable we got from a neighbor. It was quite a lovely day, with lots of sun and temperatures up in the 80's.

When I came home from work Jennifer and Kaleb were sitting on the front steps waiting for me. We sat out on the front steps for a while watching the cars drive by. Kaleb even turned his head a couple times as they zoomed by.

Later on we put Kaleb in the Baby Bjorn and walked around a little bit before going over to Spirit Bar for his first BoCaNO. Everybody was surprised to see him there, but he was definitely a hit. Everybody took turns holding him as he went in and out of consciousness. He behaved really well and made sure to tell him that I was proud of him, of course he didn't understand what I said, but maybe someday he will read this and appreciate my kind words.

He really had a great day and continues to talk more than ever. We are both very excited to see how he is going to do next week and what new things he will learn.


Kaleb Talking At Salem Willows
"Kaleb Talking At Salem Willows" on Google Video
Here is a minute long clip of Jennifer and Kaleb chatting it up at Salem Willows park in Salem, MA. You can really hear him chattering away.

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