Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Weekend Outdoors

Hi everybody I hope you enjoy the photo above it was one of my favorites from my past weekend. Saturday Jennifer and I spent a lot of time up on the good old North Shore. We first stopped in Wakefield to go to the annual Friends of Beebe library book sale. She bought a huge bag of books while I walked around the lake listening to my iPod. After the book sale we went up to Salisbury beach and enjoyed the sun and sand. I actually went in the water, I mean all the way under. It was frigid and I only did it once. Afterwards we went to Maudsley State Park and walked around for a bit. Jennifer stubbed her toe pretty badly, luckily I had some duct tape on my water bottle and I patched it up (see the photo). We were starving at this point and went to Flatbread for dinner. Since I hadn't seen my dad in such a long time we went to his house and visited. We were lucky enough to see all of the pictures from his most recent cruise.

On Sunday, Mark and Kate picked me up and we all drove up to Mount Passaconway. It was a long drive up there and when we got there it was really hot. The hike started off okay until we started getting attacked by bugs. They were out of control and followed us through our entire hike, including our stop for lunch. The hike up was also challenging because we ended up going to the top of a ridge and then way down in between and then back up again and then down. We probably ended up climbing the height of the mountain twice. The trip down was much better and was very gradual all the way to the car, except the bugs were still all over us. We finally made it back to the car and dove into it to get away from the bugs. Lesson learned do not hike in the summer, because its too hot and there are lots of bugs.

In other news I got a new job and will be leaving State Street on June 17th. My new title will be Software Engineer at CaseNET. More details on this to come in the near future. It's time to say goodbye to the corporate living and hello to a nice small start up.

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