Thursday, April 28, 2005

Few Thoughts and Photos

I had the following thoughts throughtout the morning and put them on a piece of paper when I was in a meeting so I wouldn't forget to update this here LJ with them.

Once again the commuters in the Porter Square T station gave me a laugh again. I can't get enough of these business professionals sprinting towards a waiting train. I am so looking forward to the day somebody busts a high heel or slips and falls. Haha sadistic I know, but seriously plan ahead.

The second thought I had was about the Bring Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day Today is that day and I saw a couple kids around the office. I honestly don't know what these kids could possibly learn from sitting in an office. Most of the time they just sit the kids at a computer and let them play games all day. How ridiculous?!?! I remember one person I used to work with that would bring her sons in every year and I am sure it wasn't because they would learn anything, but just because she could. I can't stand that woman to this day and it bothers me that I immediately thought of her when I thought of today. See in the old day's at Shaw's the kids would come in and actually do stuff that was fun and kind of gave the kids an idea of the shitty jobs you can have in a supermarket. I don't know of any fun things they do here although maybe they should race around the office in office chairs or something. You have to spice it up. Or even better put them in a meeting and make them sit listening to somebody on speaker phone talk for an hour or so. Teach them just how boring it can be to sit in a meeting. Ironically these kids would know about as much that is going on in the conference calls as I usually do. Or maybe the kids could get micro managed and tell them to color in a coloring book. About every five minutes a manager could come over and ask why they used blue as the color for the ocean and why they didn't consult with them on the choice of blue. The process could be repeated until the child realizes he has to get approval for every damn thing he does. Of course the child's mother would be happy to put it up on her cube wall either way, but at least the manager feels like he deserves a bonus next year. Hmmm a little hostility I think!!!

Finally I read about iPod thefts on the T and thought a lot about it. I could go and change my headphones so people wouldn't know that I had an iPod. I was originally going to say the robber would have to pry it out of my cold dead hands, but somebody used that quote in the NY Times article. However this is my stance, if somebody tries to take my iPod I am going to put up a hell of a fight and will run to the end of the Earth chasing after the low life who managed to take it from me. I am beginning to think the right to bear arms isn't such a bad idea after all. Does anybody know the number for the local NRA office?

Photos from Jennie and Brett's Finale Shower

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