Thursday, April 8, 2004

So Different

Last night I was watching television and since my typical lineup was in rerun I fell back on reality television. I know, shame on me for caving and supporting such terrible programming. So at nine o'clock I tuned in to watch The Bachelor. I don't ever remember watching this show before, so all I really knew was the basic concept of the show. Well let me tell you I couldn't believe what I was seeing, women were just bubbling over meeting him and then once one of them was picked for the secret first impression rose, they all got catty towards one another. Fast forward two hours to the final rose handing out at the end of the show where Jesse has to pick fifteen women to stay. Jesse handed out the first thirteen with out much ado, but then when handing out the final rose he accidentally called the wrong name. You could actually see him looking at Karen and then when he said Katie a slight bit of shock appeared on his face, but he gave her the rose anyway. After realizing his error he went to discuss the situation with the host and then had to tell Katie he didn't mean to give her the rose and if she wanted to stay she could. What drama?

Now lets go back to Tuesday night. I went to see a wonderfully written movie called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It was a great movie, of course it was a bit strange, but I think the use of well known actors and a strong script helped it walk the fine line between drama and fantasy. Another big help in making this movie remain understandable was the simple plot, sometimes in movies with flashbacks and abstract editing you can get lost in the plot and wonder what is actually occurring. Eternal Sunshine did not fall into this trap and through the entire movie you had a pretty good idea about what was reality.

Now I have posted this entry to point out that our world of entertainment is so screwed up. Why are we forced to watched mindless fluff on tv, while the movie theater is showing such amazing and provocative films. Why can't the general tv viewing public actually watch decent programming so the state of television can rise from the depths it has reached over the past few years. I just wish the quality shows on television weren't so few and far between. Long live the movie theater and Matt Vears the King of Nothing.

btw - My power went off last night, which was rather annoying. Luckily it went off really late so I just went to bed.

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